October 6, 2015
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About Us

ChotaTrip is a brand under which tens of thousands of travel enthusiasts around the world collaborate to embark on a journey of fantasy and realism. We take you to a realm of imagination where each of your travel dreams is extravagant and unrestraint. Whether you want your eyes stretch across the most sparkling hotspots in the city, or you want to realize the most exotic visual experience of your life, or take a leisurely stroll along the most placid nature trail with your loved one; you can count on us as your best travel companion in places almost unknown to you.

Our dynamism and fluid thinking supplements the spirit of professionalism in our services and helps us gain long-lasting customer relationships. We take pride in bringing you closer to your dream destination by sharing our own travel experiences and getting what’s best for you at your disposal whenever and wherever you need it. Our well-trained and professional staff is always proactive to arrange everything for you as required and keep you upbeat every time you fall in a difficult situation. We are in a never-ending pursuit of happiness to bring your dreams out of the captivity and give you the freedom to make your own travel decisions. We act on those decisions and accompany you till the end of your journey in order to ascertain you get the most cherishable memories for life.

What We Do is Always Right for You

  • We provide an overall perspective of the place you plan to travel before you even begin your journey with us.
  • With effective planning and coordination, we flawlessly cater to your exclusive needs at any point in time to give you a rich travel experience.
  • Our business model revolves around trustworthy customer relations and we strive to maintain true human bonding with our paramount dedication and customer-oriented mindset.
  • If you like changes to our plan, we are always there to serve you the way you want. Our dedicated staff will land you the best customized travel plan to make all your dreams come to life.
  • We provide you a friendly tour planner to handle situations you don’t want to confront on your favorite holiday during your leisure time.
  • We assist you with money withdrawal at ATMs here to give you the best-in-class experience and avoid any local currency shortage.
  • We provide breathing masks to our customers to avoid contact with polluted air, bust stress, and increase happiness.

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