Foreign Travellers


Foreign Travellers

October 6, 2015
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India enlivens the spirit of travel in you. A spectacular mix of landscapes, cuisines, customs, and mysteries will glitter in your memory and leave you stunned just when you know you have discovered it all.

Impassioned international travellers, who like to smoke out the hidden treasures on earth, find themselves up close and personal with the unraveled contemporary side of India. The country’s long and religious history pulsates from its sacred sites and rituals to the most gleaming devotional celebrations. You pine for adventure! And there are snow-covered treks of mountains or shimmering waters of many serene beaches.

Services: We Give You More Than You Desire

Personalized Guidance

We want you to travel the way you like. We strive to provide personalized assistance to all our esteemed customers and to work on your individual requests.

Travel Guides

Read our complimentary travel guides provided for your own assistance before you begin your remarkable journey with us.

Local Information

We give you a lowdown on everything you need to know about your favorite fun destination in India.

Major Attractions: What To Look For Here

Culture and History

A tumultuous tapestry of medieval reigns, ancient civilizations, Mughal architecture, museums, and monuments, is all set to underwhelm you in this culturally-rich heritage of India.

Colors and Nature’s Paradise

India has a repertoire of varied colors in its majestic landscapes, tranquil environs, and natural eminence. You are in touch with all of this when you know it is the least expected.

Cuisines and Food Recipes

The most perfectly proportioned and crafted food recipes are here to satiate your taste buds. You will never know when you have fallen in love with the unique flavors of this country.

Meditation and Relaxation

Searching for that inner peace and conscious relaxation! India is the place where you learn meditation to embrace silence and connect to your soul.

Hangouts and Shopping Spaces

India is littered with a gamut of shopping spaces and hangout spots that will leave you a long-lasting impression forever.

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